Jiro Ono: Sushi, Infinity and Ultimate Potentials

Sushi, Infinity and Ultimate Potentials

This article is based on Episode 8 of the RAW Series

Number 8 is a very interesting number not only because I was born on November 8th 🙂 and I’m kind of biased to like this number but later in life, I discovered that eight is a very special number in the eastern philosophies and cultures and has a specific meaning – infinity. If you think about it’s easy to see that – when you just turn it on sideways eight is the symbol of infinity.

When you try to think of infinity it’s really hard to comprehend what it means. It’s something giganormous and somehow unreachable and we would only dream about it, but it’s not like a ”real thing”.

I recently watched a documentary these days about THE sushi master chef called Jiro Ono. To give you some context about this: Jiro was 85 years old at the time of the documentary – now he’s 95 and still working (October 2020). Not only is he one of the most well-known sushi masters in the world, but his small restaurant in a subway station in Tokyo had 3 Michelin stars (which is like the highest ranking for any restaurant in the world) for 20 years and presidents and richest people in the world are flying in just to eat there. The reason why the restaurant doesn’t have the Michelin stars at the moment is that it doesn’t allow public reservations anymore, due to huge demand that simply couldn’t be fulfilled.

What made me really appreciate Jiro was not the fact he is still working at 85 or even today at 95 years old, though. It is what he said about his craft:

” All I want to do is make better sushi. I do the same thing, over and over, improving bit by bit. There is always a yearning to achieve more. I’ll continue to climb, trying to reach the top, but no one knows where the top is. Even at my age, after decades of work, I don’t think I have achieved perfection

Jiro understands that he can’t reach his maximum potential. That being said, that doesn’t stop him from reaching for it. Improving his craft every single day. He’s one of my present-day heroes.

As I’m always working with people and organizations trying to reach their potential, I want to share with you 2 ideas on this topic.

First, the ONLY REAL LIMITATION we all have is TIME. We simply don’t have enough time to achieve the ultimate potential in our lifetimes. But we can make sure to reach for it. Every. Single. Day. Also, by stretching our imagination of what’s possible, your actual level of achievement grows accordingly. So even if you don’t get to achieve your maximum potential, you achieve a lot more by expanding your beliefs of what you’re capable of.

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All the other limitations are mostly self-limiting beliefs. The good news is: because they’re self-limiting it means that we control them so my challenge for you is this: imagine sometimes in the future when everything is lined up for you, your skillset and mastery are at the highest level, you have gained access to all resources that you need to achieve your goals, all the people you need are on board with you. At this level, what are the results you see? What is the level of your business? How big is your market? How many people in your organization? What’s your position in the organization? What’s your ultimate possibility? Close your eyes and reflect on this for a while…

Then, slowly come back into the represent and think about this:

  • what do you need to start changing substantially to get you on the path for your ultimate possibility?
  • what is the smallest, easiest step you can take on that path?
  • what you might need to let go in order to be more agile moving forward?

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