How can being stuck be a great thing?

Life is made up of cycles of up and down timelines. In fact, all Universe is like that. Day and night, seasons, agriculture, economic cycles, rise and fall of empires, everything. We are being born, develop as adults and then slowly begin degenerating until the body fails and we die. In the meantime, we have a lot of opportunities to enjoy life!

Why is that, I don’t think anybody knows and frankly, it wouldn’t make a difference if we did. However, we can accept this and even take advantage of it. What?

I’m guessing there was at least one time in your life when you felt stuck. Like you couldn’t figure out where to go or how to move forward. Could be personal life, career, business, spiritual, it doesn’t matter. The flow is the same. So how can this be a good thing?

Well, you could contemplate the fact that is this situation, you’re very likely to be between those up and down cycles I mentioned above. This could be a good thing because you actually have more options than you’d think. Let me explain with my favourite simple bullets:

  • Before you got stuck, you were going towards a specific direction, knowingly or not. The fact that you are now stuck, could mean that the direction you were pursuing might not be the right one
  • Now, being stuck means that you actually stopped from a direction that might have not been the right one. So you have more options regarding which direction you want to go to. Imagine being in the middle of a circle – you have 360 degrees of directions you can choose from.
  • Probably the best thing now is that you have some time to think, time that you didn’t have because you were moving, doing things, probably even being overwhelmed. 
  • Having time to think means you have space to create something new. Could be adjusting your previous direction, strategy, tactics or identifying a completely new path.
  • You have time to refuel. Getting stuck could also be the cause of not having the resources needed to move. Maybe you just need some gas. Or a break under the sun, on the beach.
  • When contemplating your situation, I suggest you also consider if the direction you were going to just before you got stuck was still corresponding with your vision, your aspirations, ultimately with who you are.

The last bullet could actually be the first one when you consider the steps needed to get you unstuck. Here they are:

  1. Analyze your previous path and see if it still matches your initial vision/goal/etc
  2. If it does, see what you need to adjust to continue on it – resources, approach, habits, processes, etc.
  3. If it doesn’t, go back to who you are and ask yourself this: What do I really, really want?
  4. If number 3 is substantially different than the time when you started, it could be time to reconsider your entire vision, strategy, etc.
  5. Clean-up your workload/life load. You could find a lot of time/space/resources when you do a proper inventory of your current activities, people you give time to, etc. One of my clients holds the record – she found 4 hours every day that she now uses for something she really wants to do.

This is a simple structure for rebooting and choosing the next steps. However, the framework I’m working with my clients includes many other systems and strategies to make the work more efficient and increase the chances of getting better results.

Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about the framework and tools you could use.

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