What does your heart tell you? Literally, I mean.​

What does your heart tell you? Literally, I mean.

We’ve always thought that the brain is like the CEO of our entire system of the body and all the other subsystems in it and it tells everything how to run and how to go day by day and everything else. Then at some point, there was extensive research that the gut has actually a sort of a nervous system itself that also tells you instinctively how to make decisions in certain situations.

Like many other things this used to be like a popular saying until it’s been proven by science that it’s not just that, the gut is literally telling you something, not just figuratively. Recently I just found out that actually there is extensive research also about the brain in the heart. It’s not an actual brain but it’s a nervous system and it’s a complex structure that not only regulates what the heart does and also what every other structure related to the blood flowing are adjusted but also transmits messages to the brain, and, more than that it actually overrides sometimes the decisions and the perceptions of the brain.

When I found out about this I was blown away. Remember all those things like: follow your heart, speak from your heart or what does your heart tell you? are not just words. Actually, they have a scientific backup and this was brought to my attention yesterday by the amazing Dr Patrick Williams who I had the pleasure to attend the presentation

I also wanted to share with you a very short exercise also presented by Dr. Williams so that you can test this to hear what the heart tells you to do. Here it is: put two fingers on your forehead and think about a pressing situation, an issue, a decision that you’re pondering and then close your eyes and think about it for a few seconds. Then, slowly lower the two fingers while thinking about it and stop the fingers right on your heart and just briefly ask your heart: what do you think what should I do?

I’m very curious about the results when you do this because I was amazed when I did it. According to Dr. Williams. you should expect a very brief direct message. I was almost sure that I heard a direct message about the decision I was pondering so I’m curious – let me know how it works for you!

Here are the links to Dr. Patrick’s website: https://drpatwilliams.com/ 

The heart math institute: https://www.heartmath.org/resources/downloads/science-of-the-heart/

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