How to Improve Team Dynamics to Reach High-Performing Status

Wondering what’s the key to boosting your team performance?

Wishing you had a (better) way to assess the team as a whole?

What if your team could speak with one voice to you?

It’s ok, many other leaders are in the same boat. Leading a high-performing team is a tough job.

Join us to see a new, unique perspective on team dynamics and learn about the 5 dimensions of team coherence that support the team to reach high-performing status.

Looking through the first lens, you can see how the team perceives clarity of roles, leadership structure, decision making, systems & processes and tools & resources management.

The second dimension is about how the team members view the quality of their interactions through direct and open communication, managing conflict, holding each other accountable and facilitating the team energy and information flow.

When assessing team engagement we’re looking at the collective alignment to the team purpose and goals, the sense of belonging, being optimistic about the future and proactive in decisions & actions to create it.

Great insights come from learning about the team’s common beliefs, culture and main collective values such as trust, respect & camaraderie that support a safe environment for working together.

Going deeper into the systemic dimension, the fifth area of interest is looking at the team’s interdependencies with major stakeholders such as shareholders, founders, clients, suppliers, partners and resellers.

Why you must attend?

Learning how to hear the unified voice of your team is the best place to start when looking for avenues to improve team performance.

According to Betterworks’ Continuous Performance Management® Survey, 65% of managers wish they had a way to collect feedback from their teams.

The 5 dimensions are important pillars of the team structure and dynamics, just like a Team DNA. Gathering insights on all these components is a great foundation for continuous improvement.

We’d love to present in your organization “How to improve team dynamics to reach high-performing status”, a very well-received presentation within other prestigious companies.

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