3 Things you can do to make a new behaviour more sustainable

3 Things you can do to make a new behaviour more sustainable

To do something one time, even if it’s difficult, it’s more manageable than doing something consistently, every day, for a long time, even if it’s a lot easier.

In episode 74 of the RAW series today I want to share with you three things you need to do in order to make a new behaviour more consistent and to increase the likelihood to keep it going for a longer time.

There is a common belief that motivation is the key to have sustainable new behaviour, however, motivation comes in waves and it’s very influenced by a lot of external factors so it’s not enough. What we need is also to work on the skills and to work on how do we set up the entire ecosystem so that the new behaviour is easier to do.

So here are the three things:

  1. The first one is to constantly work on increasing the skills needed to do that behaviour easier. It might sound very simple but usually, we’re not focused on increasing the skills but only on doing the behaviour so we need to also focus on increasing the skills
  2. The second one is to think about new resources or tools to make doing the behaviour easier. A simple example is to work on the prompts – the things that makes us/alert us to do the behaviour. Just a putting a reminder in the calendar or other ways of you for bringing it forward to our attention so that we not care get carried away with other things and forget about doing that behaviour.
  3. Number three is to make sure the amount of energy and the effort needed to do the behavior consistently is not too high. We need to make it easier because the key is to make every day or every timeframe that we want to do it., not specifically to do it more all the time but to do it consistently. By doing that, even if it’s a small portion of the behaviour that we’re ultimately looking for, the chances to do it for a longer time increase dramatically.

So keep it simple, easier and smaller for a longer time and then you can start increasing the level of difficulty or the amount of the specific behavior that you want to build.

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