Why is Monday special?

Have you noticed that generally speaking, Monday is sooooo slow? I mean, it’s like everything is in sloooooow-mooooootiooooon…..People react slower on Monday, like they are hungover or something? Replies to emails just barely exist. Engagement on social media is almost like a void. Phone calls appear to go automatically into voice mail mode. We’re like brain-dead.

Why do you think is this happening?

My version is that slow Monday is just a bitter-sweet stereotype behaviour.

Like many other stereotypes, it’s commonly perceived as true that everything is slower on the first day of the working week. Everybody lacks the drive to start over the week, right? Maaaan, why does Monday even exist? Can we start off on Tuesday?

Some people say they feel so tired like they’ve been working over the weekend, not resting and chillin’. Kind of paradoxical perception, when you think about it. Dude, it’s not Friday – before the weekend and after a loooong working week. It’s Monday, after the weekend. Right?

Then, if everybody agrees to this, we kind of starting to feel like this, act like this, accept all others that do this and generally find this ok.

So if everybody agrees to it, why is this bad? Simply because it’s a waste of resources and overall productivity. It’s like we all agreed to throw away money, waste time and linger through a day just because it happens to be the first day of the working week.

Let me ask you something: what if the Worldwide President of Work decided Monday is paid ten times more than all the other days? Would you still crawl through this day? Hmmmm, I’m guessing no?

How about this: what if, by working very hard on Monday, you could take the rest of the week off? I’m guessing there would be no gossip time, mother phone calls, social media breaks or staring at the wall downtime, right?

Here’s another one: what if, if you knew that by working the hardest this Monday, you can afford to buy a special present for your kid, or medication for your mom.

What if, if you knew that working the hardest on every Monday, you could feed children in poor countries, that otherwise would starve to death?

What if it was your last Monday on Earth? How would you use this time? Would you still cancel appointments with clients, postpone tasks and conduct endless useless meetings?

How would you treasure this amazing Monday?

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