The power of fear

If we needed more proof that fear can have an immense impact on everyone and make the whole world collapse, we sure got it now.

In just ONE month, markets crashed, millions of jobs have been lost, entire industries have been obliterated, the usual life as we know it has been completely changed.

You may say this is all because of the coronavirus, however, I think it’s not. The actual impact of the virus was that few countries have seen their health system overload and of course the really bad thing which was the death of over 22,000 people at the time of this article – that is 0.0002% of the world’s population.

While I feel very, very sorry for the people who died and their families, I want to point out the difference in actual numbers, not in emotional response and projected futures.

There is a common belief that fear and love are the most powerful emotions and also kind of a debate which one is stronger between the two. Well, now we have it: we actually need both for each one of them to make sense. We need fear to show love.

Governments needed fear to generate trillions of dollars of aid for the unemployed, for the small businesses and to bail out entire industries. They didn’t just create this money out of thin air, right? Why didn’t the governments help the people before this threat? Why didn’t they create a pipeline to help develop the small businesses to become more immune to this kind of disruption? Small businesses are the heart and soul of any modern economy, up to 98% of it! Why didn’t they invest in research and development so that small businesses can develop alternative ways of monetizing and protect the owners and their families?

How come it is only now that governments are suddenly aware of the homeless, the people who are so vulnerable and don’t have means to protect themselves? What if each government would have invested only a small percentage of the aid they’re are now providing to build housing, provide better medical services training and employment opportunities for them?

Why do we only now pay attention to the doctors, nurses and all support people in the health industries? Why is it only now that they became heroes? Because we see them on tv, struggling, crying in despair and dying to save the infected?

The social distancing  – meaning the physical distancing paradoxically forced people to get more connected. Yes, in the virtual world, nonetheless the connections are getting stronger and more meaningful now. People are jumping on zoom to join a multitude of meetings, events, webinars, etc.

Corporate structures are being tested now in a big way. Teams are going through tough times holding together. Lack of physical meetings makes authority look differently now. Many leaders needed a meeting room to be able to show their power. Now, the DNA of authority and delegation process are put to test. Responsibility and accountability are reconsidered.

In conclusion, the effects of coronavirus fear are way, way bigger than the actual damage generated by the virus. It’s many levels of magnitude above.

Do we need fear to show love?

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