When and Why is Team Coaching appropriate?

When contemplating coaching in the business world, many people first think of individual coaching, especially executive coaching and career coaching. Also, among many coaches that I’ve personally met, the majority only coach individuals.

When I first began coaching 8 years ago, my perception was that team coaching is somehow the next level in terms of mastery of the coach. I just felt that the complexity of coaching a group of people was something for ‘The Masters’. In reality, it’s just different, in fact in a way it’s more in-tune with the systemic perspective that I’ve been trained with and practiced.

The more I developed as a coach, I started to be more comfortable when coaching teams and I perceived the systemic dimension in the team dynamics easier to grasp and to work with.

So when considering coaching for an organization, how do leaders decide when is individual coaching appropriate and when is team coaching useful? The answer is not obvious by any means.

Many times it’s useful to have a bit of both because individuals have goals and metrics that need to be addressed on a case by case approach and the same individuals are in a team having common goals, systems and processes that are better to be worked on in a collective perspective.

Team goals are not to be mistaken for a sum of individual goals of people working together. They are instead goals that the team, as a collective entity, works together to achieve, each member contributing with their own expertise and energy.

More specifically, here are some examples of team goals that I’ve recently worked with through systemic team coaching:

  • Defining or adjusting objectives, action plans, key performance indicators on a different magnitude level
  • Implementing a continuous improvement model
  • Building a new team to expand the market reach
  • Better onboarding people into a diverse company culture
  • Pivoting the business model to adjust to current market situation or new variables to go in front of future market development
  • Inventory and adjustment of operational models to increase effectiveness
  • Mergers and acquisitions when teams merge or get restructured
  • Facing or preparing for an upcoming crisis situation
  • Designing and implementing new operational systems and processes
  • Need to have an accelerated innovation

I’m here when you’d like to explore new options to improve team performance. I’d be happy to be useful for your team!

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