Coaching as a Service (CaaS)

A Systemic Team Coaching Framework for Small & Medium Companies and Corporate organizations

CaaS is a unique coaching delivery approach that provides flexibility, availability and effectiveness

According to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace report, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. The economic consequences of this global "norm" are approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity.

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Just as the nucleus has 99,9% of the mass for any atom, the team is the nucleus of all companies.


Within organizations, the first and simplest level of human collective systems is the team. It is within that realm that can occur basic interface study and modification, to improve on systemic performance and generate better results


Within a team, a systemic approach consists in understanding and enhancing the interfaces and processes between team members rather than focusing on the team members themselves


The strength of a team consists in continuously developing the quality of operational, communication interfaces, focusing on the collective goals, action plans and growth

How does Systemic Team Coaching Work?

Systemic Team Coaching is delivered when the team is coached as a system, when it’s perceived as one unitary and coherent client. Consequently, the type of topics that are coached can include:

Research by Team Coaching International conducted with 3,307 team assessments from the years 2008 to 2017 revealed that only 10% of teams rate themselves as being high-performing

systemic coaching delivery options

Individual or collective coaching sessions

Delivering individual and team coaching sessions on a previously planned schedule

Team Coaching workshops

Coaching the team in a 4-6 hours framework; working on delegated processes, decision-making process, KPIs design process, etc.

Coaching team meetings

Coaching regular weekly/monthly team meetings to assist the improvement team dynamics

Immersive 2-3 day team coaching

Usually contracted when team needs a major overhauling of their operations, new bold goal set or an innovation sprint

simple steps for implementing

1. We discuss with the team's leader what specific areas the team coaching to be focused on

2. If needed, we deploy the Team Coherence Index assessment

3. We co-design the structure of the coaching program, timeline, milestones and the KPIs to track progress

4. At designated milestones we explore insights, KPIs and adjust the approach or structure, accordingly

5. At completion, we celebrate with the team and support them in designing the next steps and a continuous improvement framework

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I love all my clients and I absolutely love working with them!

In today's world it's challenging to find people who actually listens to you when you talk. Before and during the start up of my business I worked with few professionals where I was seeking guidance and advice, and until today I haven't found someone like Gabriel.
Eugenia Gorkowa
CEO EG Event Productions
I started my coaching program with Gabriel with doubts on myself that I could achieve the goals set. I highly appreciate at him the perseverance, the focus to persuade on good goals and the listening, which is more important than talking.
Raul Demeter
COO BRD Groupe Societe Generale
Get to your goals sooner with Gabe! He is a powerful coach, advocate and community leader! Gabe's ability to lead important team discussions at a time when there is much uncertainty is a reflection of his exemplary leadership skills and coaching talents. His approach and expertise in leading purpose driven team inspires trust, cohesion and increased clarity.
Jena Sharma
Jena Sharma
CEO Calmversation
TEDx Speaker Internationally Bestselling Author

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fuelling the fire

For the last 20 years, I've been both entrepreneur and coach, so I have 2 unique perspectives I can assist leaders and teams with

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Challenge and assist to dissolve self-limiting beliefs and replace them with a framework for expressing genuine talent and develop bold objectives

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I will deliver a diamond quality coaching service and work alongside with you, all-in to make sure you have a solid and sustainable growth path for you and your team


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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) Vancouver Chapter is a not-for-profit professional organization established in the year 2000. We were the first Canadian Chapter to become incorporated and are one of 132 ICF Chapters worldwide.

The ICF Vancouver Chapter was recognized in March of 2016 at the ICF Global Leaders Forum as one of only 12 Chapter worldwide for high performance and overall excellence. Specifically, we were acknowledged for three unique initiatives developed by our Chapter: CoachingWise; the Coach Giving Program; and the Human Resource Management Association (HRMA) Coaching Roundtables.

Based in Vancouver, our ICF Chapter is the third largest in Canada, representing greater Vancouver and much of the mainland of British Columbia. We currently have over 350 member coaches.

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I work with business owners and leaders to unleash their superpowers and achieve their ultimate potential with their teams.
The results: streamlined operations, smooth team interfaces, happier people and increased profits.
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